Thursday, 6 August 2009

You Can't Fool the Light

My mother's friend and her daughter came to visit the other day. I haven't seen either of them since my early twenties, which is a long time ago. She said I still looked the same.

While mum's friend was chatting to her, she recommended various tablets and remedies she takes as she believes that by the time you hit 30, it's downhill all the way. After listening to her going on and on about the inevitability of aging, I said to her:

"Aunty, if we're all meant to slow down as we get older, how come your speech hasn't slowed down over the years? You're still as mouthy as when I saw you last."

Everyone burst out laughing.

"Sorry aunty, but I don't buy into any of what you're saying." I said. "You're going to be here forever!"

The next day, my mother had a hospital appointment. After she'd finished getting ready, I noted how radiant she was looking. I even told her she was looking gorgeous. I teased her that the hospital staff are not going to take her seriously if she's not looking the part.

That's the problem with playing up to the belief in aging and sickness, sooner or later the Light within is going to betray you. In my mother's friend's case, the Light was her eternal exuberance; and in my mother's case, the Light was shining as her beauty.

You can't fool the Light that never changes.


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