Friday, 14 August 2009

Why Someone Benefits From Another's Suffering

In the last Dragon's Den, the TV programme where entrepreneurs pitch their inventions in order to get investment from the "dragons"/business experts, one entrepreneur's business was cleaning agents. He said since the "swine flu" business has now picked up. Now more companies are buying more cleaning agents to protect their staff and clients. One of the investors was very interested and wanted to invest. Because the entrepreneur believed the "dragon" was asking too share from his business, he declined his offer of investment. I'm sure there are lots of investors watching the show who are going to fall over backwards to invest in that entrepreneur. And why not?

Isn't it interesting how someone always benefits from another's suffering, albeit people believe they are trying to eradicate suffering?

I believe that's because one is either trusting in fear or love.

I believe that as long as there are people who benefit from fear manifesting as illness, old age, crime, poverty, etc, there's no incentive to get rid of it. That's why while there are people who don't want "swine flu", there are the pharmaceutical companies who want the pandemic to get worse, as well as cleaning manufacturers, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, and even funeral directors who obviously benefit from the "pandemic."

How does one stop benefitting from fear? By disconnecting from fear, refusing to buy into fear; and only trusting in Love.

I believe that choosing the path of Love is not something that can be taken lightly. It means being really honest with one's self that you are prepared to give up on all the benefits and trust only in Love. While I've disconnected from taking medication and rely on Love for healing and taking care of my needs, I haven't stopped eating food. Although I know how to sustain myself with Light, I am having way too much fun to stop eating food. At least I'm being honest with myself.

Love to all no matter what path you are choosing.


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