Saturday, 29 August 2009

There's Always a Very Good Reason Why

My mother asked me to collect her prescription at her doctor's surgery and the medication from the local pharmacist. Instead of walking back as I usually do, I decided to catch the bus so I'll arrive before the surgery and pharmacist closed. When I arrived at the surgery, it was closed. There was a sign posted on the door notifying patients that the surgery no longer opens on that particular evening. When I called mum to let her know the situation, she said she didn't know the surgery would be closed on that evening. Never mind! I'm sure there's a very good reason why I couldn't collect my mother's prescription that day.

As I had time, I decided to pop into the local library. I was really pleased to see this particular librarian at the desk, whom I'd been thinking about. She also happens to be a huge fan of Michael Jackson and I've had long discussions about Michael's music with her. The last time I spoke to her, a few weeks back, she wasn't feeling well. It was good to see her back in form. We had a chat for a few minutes before I went to use the Internet.

The next morning I told my mother I would be collecting her medication later in the evening. I asked her to call me in case she did change her mind and decided to collect the prescription herself. Later in the day, mum called me to tell me she had collected the medication. At least that meant I could have my 2 hour leisurely stroll home.

Later in the evening I asked mum if she had all her medication sorted. She said it was just as well she had gone herself because there's no way they would have given me the prescription if I'd gone to collect it. They weren't going to give her the prescription because they usually need confirmation from the hospital before prescribing that particular medication. She had to explain to them that the hospital had already called her and recommended that particular medication. Mum said it all worked out for the best.

It just shows that obstacles are never what they seem. There's always a very good reason why things don't work out as planned.


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