Thursday, 6 August 2009

Some Thoughts about Racism and Bigotry

I watched a very interesting TV drama the other day called The Street (episode 4). (Please note only residents in the UK can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer).

Kieran, a bigoted and racist white guy, meets up with a work colleague, he speaks constantly on the phone with, on a blind date, who turns out to be black. Although Kieran is not happy that Maria is black, they go for a drink anyway to the local pub. Finally, Kieran brings up the "sensitive" subject about Maria's colour. He tells Maria that he doesn't like black women. He says he would rather go out with an ugly white woman than with a beautiful black woman. He says that in fact he can't see the beauty in black women, all he sees is their blackness. Maria tells him that she doesn't blame him for being a bigot as his parents and grandparents were probably bigots.

As the drama unfolds, we discover that Kieran's wife had left him for a black man. In another twist Kieran, who hates all immigrants, ends up falling in love with a Polish woman, but they can't be together. It's too long-winded to go into here. Their relationship does enable him to be more tolerant. In the final scene, Kieran meets up with Maria for another date.

After I finished watching the drama, I thought of what Kieran had said to Maria: "I can't see the beauty, I just see the blackness."

I believe just seeing someone's blackness, whiteness, Asianness, Orientalness creates a huge barrier between people.

I've dated black and white guys. Apart from the different skin colours and different faces I discovered it was just another person with the same old hang-ups. It was only when I went beyond the persona/mask that I could see there is only the One Light expressing as the different personalities, cultures, expressions, etc.

And because I can see the Light behind the many masks, I find people treat me the same way and see the Light in me.

Love dissolves racism and bigotry.


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