Wednesday, 26 August 2009

One Light, Many Refractions

An Internet friend told me that while he was playing some songs for me, he said it helped him to connect more by looking at my photograph and he had a good feeling and satisfaction. He said he was going to print out a copy of my photo to look at to help him play in future.

I reminded my friend that he could use his own photograph as his inspiration as the same Light expressing as me is the same Light expressing in and as him.

I believe there is only one Light expressing as the all. The different expressions of Light is rather like when light refracts through a prism forming the different colours. That's why, I believe, each individual's expression of love feels different.

As long as you're aware that it's the same Light that is in all, then there really is no need to look to another for inspiration as you know that you are that Light.

Of course there's nothing wrong with asking for more light. I put my name down on blessings lists all the time and never stop praying.


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