Tuesday, 11 August 2009

No Problem, No Solution

Ever had one of those moments when things go wrong for no reason at all? I had that while I was working at the library.

When I went to browse a friend's MySpace page, a notice came up that it wasn't available. However, I could open my own MySpace account. I even uploaded a picture. How very odd! About an hour later when I checked the friend's page, it was now working perfectly.

Next, when I looked up one of my articles on my blog, a notice came up that that particular website had been blocked. The odd thing is that I could access my other blogs. So I asked the librarian to ask their IT department why I couldn't have access to that particular blog when I could access the others. While I was waiting for the IT guy to assist me, I tried again and my blog was now accessible.

When the IT guy came I told him I could now access it. He said they do block some websites but he couldn't understand what had happened with mine.

Just as well I believe there is only One Intelligence in control of every single situation, which knows nothing of problems.

Where there are no problems, there are no solutions.


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