Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nice Tan!

While I was browsing in the bookshop I noticed this man in shorts with such a dark tan he looked as if he'd just come from holidays. He went to the gents toilets but was out a few seconds later. He stood not far from me. Then he asked me what the time was. I looked at my mobile and told him.

After shifting back and forth he headed for the toilet but was back out again. I wondered what was going on. Was he waiting for someone to come out?

Then he said to me that in case I was wondering why he was hanging around me, he was simply waiting for the cubicle to be free.

"Oh really?" I said. "And there I was thinking you wanted me to admire your tan."

He smiled. I asked him where he'd got the tan and he said he'd spent a few days in Venezuela where he goes often. He said the ray's were very potent over there and not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

My friend told me he was some kind of researcher interested in cultural demographics. He was particular interested in how slavery had affected many cultures. He also told me about a culture that hasn't been influenced by modern civilisation. It was fascinating speaking to my friend.

After he'd waited for about 20 minutes and still no sign of the cubicle being free, he told me he had to go.

I still think my friend had only been drawn to me because I had secretly admired his tan.

What I admire admires me back.


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