Saturday, 15 August 2009

New Every Morning

Every day is new, which brings new opportunities, new wonder, and new joy.

This means it doesn't matter what was going on in the previous day, the next day not only overwrites the old but makes it even better. How does this work in practice?

Take the rate at which information technology has developed. Years ago there was the old-fashion dial telephone which evolved to the touch tone. When the mobile was invented, it was huge with the long aerial. Now the mobiles have got even more refined with more facilities. With the mobile phone there is no longer any time and distance between people. All you have to do is dial the other's mobile and you're in direct contact.

Look how long it used to take to send letters by post. Now you can either email or send a text message which take no time at all.

Still another way to communicate is in front of the computer where you can speak to each other via the web cam.

Of course the ultimate form of communication is telepathy but most people don't believe this is possible.

Back to the advance of technology, how come man's body is not making such rapid progress?

I believe it's because most people believe there are two aspects of self: the self that gets sick, grows old and dies; and the Infinite Self that doesn't change. Since most people identity themselves as the self that is on a downward spiral, their bodies appear to wither and die. However, when they die, they wake up from the death dream only to discover that they still exist as the Infinite Self.

What if you identify yourself as the Infinite Self that is forever? Then each and every single day is the Infinite Self being expressed as new cells, new energy, new life, new ideas, new joy, new opportunties, new passion, new visions, new ways of experiencing the old, new wisdom, and new wonder. As my body is the Infinite Self in visible form, I expect my body to grow more and more beautiful and radiant; rather like the telephones that are getting better and better in design...forever.

One way I practise identifying myself as the Infinite Self is by being in silence. Then the Light is constantly pouring through me making all things new, forever more.


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