Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Core Beliefs

Two months ago I attended my nephew's confirmation at his Catholic church. During the service the church members recited the "Apostle's Creed" which is a set of beliefs held by Christians. I remember memorising this Creed as a child but at the time they were just words that meant nothing to me; which is just as well as I never did convert to Christianity inas I don't believe in the idea of a mediator.

I believe having a creed is very important as it not only reminds believers of what they believe but the creed acts as their life guide. I also have my own personal creed I live by which are based on observations about life. These observations have become my core beliefs. In my writings I share how I experience these beliefs in my day to day experiences.

Before I list my core beliefs, it's important to examine my fundamental belief.

I believe that all is nothing. By this I mean, all things are inherently empty of concepts and meanings and only have meanings I attribute to them. When I attribute a meaning to a thing or experience, I am dreaming.

I believe dreaming is an important aspect of experiencing life. It is how I know myself as a creative being. In order to create/dream, there are certain core beliefs that make them happen. I am now going to list my personal creed or core beliefs in alphabetical order that enable me to dream magic and wonder.


A split mind achieves nothing.

Answers are everywhere, including my sleeping dreams.

Creation is making something out of nothing. In other words, things only have the meanings I attribute to them, otherwise they are meaningless.

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." ~~ Émile Coué

Every day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of being.

Every day the Universe is expressing as new joy, new ideas, new visions, new ways of experiencing the old, and new wonder.

Every moment is full of fun.

Everyone is always doing the best they can based on their beliefs and expectations.

Everything always works out for the best.

Everything has already happened. In other words, all realities already exist. When I want to have a particular experience, all I have to do is know that it already exists and let it happen.

Everything I want wants me.

Fear is forgetfulness of my identity as Infinite Self. When I remember that my self is the One Infinite Self then I KNOW things are always working out for the best.

How I see myself matters. In other words, my experiences depend on how I identify myself. When I identify myself as unlimited, so are my experiences; when I identify myself as limited, so are my experiences.

I accept myself in the same way the computer screen accepts anything I write without judgment.

I am always right. In other words, because the Universe is always mirroring back to me my beliefs and expectations, I am always being proven right.

I am feeling good.

I am the answers I seek. I am my own teacher and guide.

I am omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Love-Light that has always been and will always be.

I follow my heart at all times.

I never walk alone. Every moment I'm being supported by Infinite Love that wants me to be happy.

I pray about everything.

I would rather be myself than convert others.

If the shoe doesn't fit, why wear it?

Inspiration is everywhere.

It is my nature to be blessed.

It's all good. No matter what the situation or circumstances, something good always comes out of it.

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Richard Bandler In other words, I can be the parent I've always wanted to myself now.

Just because I've made my bed doesn't mean I have to lie in it. In other words, I expect to be given zillions of second chances.

Life is easy, fun and full of wonder.

Life is magical.

Life is unfolding perfectly.

Life is wonderful.

Life mirrors back to me what I believe, like and dislike. When I don't wish to have an experience I stay neutral i.e. have no emotional reaction.

Like attracts like but opposites do not attract.

Love and fear can't occupy the same space.

Love dissolves all grievances and grudges.

Love gives me freedom to be myself.

Love heals, harmonises, inspires and restores.

Love is all there is.

Love is everywhere.

Love is my nourishment. That's why it's important for me to love who I am, love what I do, and do what I love.

Love multiplies what I admire, adore, and appreciate.

My friends are everywhere.

My function and my body are one. This means that my body is the tool through which I express my joy and know myself (function).

My nature is boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness.

My nature is joy.

My nature is wholeness.

My one and only true love is no other than myself.

My purpose in life is to express my joy and to be myself.

No need to go looking for the desires of my heart; it will always come to me.

Nothing can dull my shine.

Only One exists. In other words, there is only One Intelligence appearing as the many.

Only I can make myself happy.

Only I can save myself.

Only Love Has Any Reality.

One thought leads to all similar thoughts.

Problems are Solutions in Disguise.

Questions and answers always arise as one. This means that I wouldn't have asked the question if the answer did not already exist.

The Inner and Outer are One.

The "past" only matters if I can milk it for all its worth.

The purpose of the Universe is to bless and to be a blessing.

The Spirit is buts.

The Universe can afford everything.

The Universe is always on my side.

The Universe is constantly moving at a perfect pace - mine.

The Universe is my self.

The weaker I am, the stronger I am. In other words, I am stronger when I ask for help at all times.

There are no doors.

There are no limits.

There are no obstacles. What appears as an obstacle is usually a blessing in disguise.

There are no wrong decisions. Every decision I've ever made has been right as it has been based on what I believed at the time. It matters not whether the decision was based on fear or love, it was still right. I can always choose again in the next moment.

There is great power in blessing, gratitude and prayer.

There is only One power.

Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. In other words thoughts are very real and become things; and things are thoughts in solid form.

What blesses one always blesses the all.

What I focus my attention on is magnified.

When I believe in myself and in my dreams, the universe believes in me.

What I love loves me back. (That doesn't apply to romantic relationships, however. Just because someone fancies me doesn't mean I have to reciprocate; and vice versa).

When I expect wonder, I experience wonder.

Where my heart is, is where I find my treasures.

While the Universe always says "Yes" there might be a price to pay. For instance, if I wish to be famous, this would mean giving up on my privacy. That's why it's important to listen to my heart and ask whether that which I desire is really what I need and will bring me joy.

Why fret when I can trust in Love?

Why have a mediator when I can go straight to Source?

In My Core Beliefs - Part 2, I discuss how I apply these beliefs in my every day life.


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