Thursday, 27 August 2009

My Core Beliefs - Part 2

In my My Core Beliefs I listed beliefs that I live by. In this piece, I am going to look at how I apply these beliefs on a practical level.

One of my core beliefs is that "thoughts are things and things are thoughts." This means that all things are thoughts whether they are visible or invisible. When I have a thought about something it's very much real even if I can't sense it at the time. Put another way, thoughts are rather like angels of light that I can call upon to assist me as and when. All I need to do is think of the belief/angel which I know is very real and let the angel do its work.

For instance just yesterday in the bathroom when I accidentally hit my elbow against the sink, all I had to do was remember "Love is all there is" and that Love's intention is harmony and the thought form came to life and the pain was instantly dissolved.

When something appears not to be working out I remind myself that "life is unfolding perfectly" and I end up experiencing life unfolding perfectly.

If I'm feeling upset about something, all I have to do is think of "Love dissolves all grievances" and I feel the grudge or anger melting away.

My core beliefs are my beloved friends who are always there when I need them.

Thank you, friends!


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