Friday, 28 August 2009

I Believe in Second Chances

"Just because I've made my bed doesn't mean I have to lie in it. In other words, I expect to be given zillions of second chances." My Core Beliefs
When I first bought my laptop I was very much in love with it and we had a fantastic relationship. As the years went by, I got bored with the software and I wanted the latest versions. I wanted to get rid of it but I knew if I sold it I wouldn't get much for it. I kept thinking how worthless it was. Then one day when I switched on the "worthless" laptop, it was stuck on the dot prompt screen and wouldn't recognise any commands I typed in.

It was then I realised that thinking of the computer as "worthless" had rendered it worthless. It was time to reverse the effects. I started blessing it with love and thanking it for working perfectly. Each time I blessed it I would expect it to spring back to life but that didn't happen. I called on all the angels I could think of to help but nothing happened. Finally, I switched it off, resigned to the fact that I had lost my friend for good.

One friend who knew about the problem offered to lend me a friend's laptop she was looking after. It worked for a few hours and it also packed up. My friend said she would take the laptop to her father who likes fiddling with computers. I asked her if she could take my laptop and maybe her dad could figure it out. A day later my friend said her dad had not been able to fix her friend's laptop but he had been able to work out that there was a problem with my hard-drive. He happened to have a spare which he loaded. He also managed to retrieve all my old files which he saved on disks. And the icing on the cake was he loaded all the latest software I had been dreaming about.

My prayer did come true, but not in the way I had expected.

Although I haven't used that laptop now for years, I've never forgotten what that experience revealed about me.

So what if I make a mistake? I always expect to be given zillions of second chances.


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