Saturday, 1 August 2009

Help is Always Available Directly or Indirectly

I have observed that any time someone asks me for help it always means I can offer assistance otherwise they wouldn't have approached me in the first place. Even when I'm not in a position to offer direct assistance, I can always offer indirect assistance by believing that the perfect solution is already available. I have also observed that the moment I ask a question the answer is always available.

My sister-in-law has been coming round to give my mother her injections. One day last week when I went home, my mother's friend was visiting. While we were chatting, I asked mum if her daughter-in-law had been round and she said she couldn't make it that day. Mum said she'll have to wait till the next day for her next injection. It was then her friend mentioned that many years ago he was a teacher on a health course which included teaching how to give injections. He said if mum liked he could administer the injection. Mum couldn't believe all this time she'd known her friend he'd never spoken about that facet of his life until now. Not only did he give mum her injection, he offered to come round when my sister-in-law wasn't available.

A few days ago while I was waiting for my bus, I decided to catch another bus for a change. As soon as I sat next to this man he asked me if I knew the area and I said I did. He said he was looking for a bus garage in the area. Apparently, he'd lost his pass and needed to get another one from that garage. As I've explored many of the back streets in that area, I knew exactly where the garage was and told him where to get off. Now it made sense why I had explored the area in the first place so that one day I can share my expertise with my friend on the bus.

As I was walking through the park yesterday, I noticed this dog walking towards me. The dog sniffed the woman in front of me. By the way she reacted, it seemed to me that she was frightened of dogs. When the dog walked by me it didn't even look in my direction. I was curious to know what made that woman so special that she got a sniff while I was ignored.

When I caught up with the woman at the park gates I said to her, "I see you've got a friend then in that dog?"

"It really got to me the way it sniffed me," she smiled. "I must really get used to dogs, you know, as I'm getting one next week."

"You are?" I said. "What breed?"

"A Schnauzer."

"I don't know that one, what does it look like?"

"It's the type that has a beard."

"Oh, I think I know the one you mean. Is it small or does it grow large?"

"The one I'm getting is a miniature one so it's not going to grow that big. I've still got to get used to having a dog though."

"Well, enjoy your dog," I said.

So that's why the dog in the park had sniffed her and not me because the Universe as the dog was testing to see whether she was now ready for a dog or not.

Later on, while I was walking down this street, a woman approached me with a street map of the area. She pointed out the road on the map and asked me in broken English if the road we were on was it. I told her I didn't know as I don't tend to memorise side street names. I couldn't see the street sign either. I asked her to walk with me to the end of the road where I was hoping there would be a sign on the building. When we got there, I couldn't see one. Just at that moment, a post office worker pulled up in his van to empty the post box at the end of the road, he's bound to know the name of this road as it's his job to know. He knew the name of the road we were on, and he also directed the woman to the street she was looking for, which was only around the corner.

I believe help is always available directly or indirectly. All I have to do is ask.


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