Monday, 3 August 2009

Happiness - Revisited

As I was walking out of the library, I noticed a young woman sitting in a corner munching at some crisps (potato chips) and playing on her mobile phone.

"You look very relaxed there eating your crisps!" I said to her, which made her giggle. Then I waved goodbye.

What really attracted me to the young woman was how blissful she was doing what she loves. At that moment there was no one around to give her any hassle, no expectations, no obligations; she can just be herself.

When I went for a walk later I noticed how several cyclists that went past seemed in utter bliss. Again they were doing what they enjoyed. I came across a man walking his dog and I said hello. Both seemed really content.

I also noticed how blissful nature is. The plants are expressing who they are in their own unique way, efortlessly.

There's nothing like being alone and expressing what I love the most whether it's writing, going on long walks, reading, listening to music or watching a programme I enjoy on television. While I am enjoying or doing what I love, I'm being my Self that is total bliss and every moment is magical, perfect and wonderful.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy being with people but only if we are in one accord about expressing our happiness together. I don't see the point sacrificing myself just so I could avoid being alone. Besides, I'm never alone anyway. I believe that the moment I'm doing what I love, I'm automatically joined in consciousness with all who are expressing their joy. That's why I ended up noticing/was attracted to the woman who was enjoying her crisps, the cyclists, the man walking his dog, and how blissful nature is; which magnified my own happiness.

I am happiness.


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