Monday, 10 August 2009

Every Moment is New

When I'm experiencing life from silence i.e. not thinking, every moment is new. Why? Because where there is no thought there is no point of reference, and no comparisons. Every moment stands on its own. The moment I start thinking, I get to experience all experiences associated with that thought and get trapped in repeated patterns.

That's why I can watch programmes I love on television such as "Star Trek" and never get bored because every time I see it, I am coming from a new standpoint, which gives me a new meaning.

Being in silence is also good for addressing different feelings I experience in my body which sometimes feel as tightness or pain. When I experience them from silence, I'm no longer trying to associate the feeling with a previous experience. For instance at some point yesterday afternoon I felt a pounding in my head. I wasn't concerned about what it meant I just focused on silence. The pain eventually passed through me without my having to do anything about it.

When I experience every moment as new, then that's bound to have an impact on my physical body. How can it age when every moment I'm drawing in new energy that is regenerating me in every moment?

Every moment is new.


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