Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cutting Out the Middle Man

"Why have a mediator when I can go straight to Source?" My Core Beliefs
So I went to get some bicarbonate of soda from this particular store. When I asked one sales assistant on the till where I could find it, she pointed down a particular aisle. I was overwhelmed by how many containers of herbs and spices they had on that shelf.

How am I going to find you, bicarbonate of soda, among all of these? Come on, where are you?

After a few minutes I decided I'd had enough and went to look for another assistant. When I found one and asked him to show me where I could find the bicarbonate, he pointed down the same aisle I'd just come from.

"I know it's there but I can't find it," I said. "Can you come and show me where it is exactly?"

The assistant grumbled to himself and seemed reluctant to assist me.

"What happened to customer services?" I said to him.

As I was stomping up the aisle, my feet suddenly stopped and I found I could no longer move them. When I looked to my right I saw a whole row of containers with bicarbonate of soda. Thanks, friends, for answering my call.

I find life is a lot more straightforward when I cut out the middle man and go straight to source.


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