Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Creativity - Revisited

I've always liked this particular song but didn't know the name or artist. As it's mostly instrumental, I couldn't look it up to find the title on the Internet either.

A few weeks ago while I was walking down this road, I heard someone playing the song in their house. I figured I would sing the melody to a friend, who knows a lot about music, and ask him what the title is.

I soon forgot the melody, which was rather annoying.

This morning, around 6 am, a car pulled up and parked right outside my bedroom window and started blaring music which woke me up. At first, I mentally asked the driver to move elsewhere where his music would be appreciated, but he stayed put. Just as I was going to ask the Universe to get rid of him, the next song that came on was the one I had forgotten. After playing the entire song, the car drove off.

When I met up with my friend, I sang the melody to him and asked him what it was. He told me it's called "Twilight" by Maze.

I love the many creative ways the Universe has of answering my questions.


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