Friday, 21 August 2009

Bolt of Lightning - Part 2

Yesterday evening I watched Usain Bolt performing in the 200 metres finals. As part of his preparation, when he visualises his hand as an arrow, I couldn't help but play along with him and see him hitting his mark in record time. Usain went on to break the world record.

I thought it was interesting how one of the commentators described him as not having a proper technique and yet he got the job done. When Usain was interviewed after the race, he acknowledged that he didn't run well but he ran fast.

The way I see it, when you're being your Excellence, technique means nothing. Sometimes technique can even be a hindrance.

Another thing I find interesting is how Usain not only inspires his other competitors to do well, he inspires his Jamaican team mates to excel too. Jamaica has never won so many gold medals.

Thank you for being You, Usain. And many happy returns for today!


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Watch the actual race on the BBC website: