Friday, 7 August 2009


There are several adverts on television that my mother finds very annoying. As soon as they come on she puts the TV on mute and feels calm and relaxed.

I believe being in silence, i.e. having no thoughts, is rather like putting the world on mute. When I'm experiencing life from silence, I am stopping the world. While the world has stopped for me, it doesn't mean everything is at a standstill. I still continue to experience life as usual, but I do so from a place of detachment.

From that place of detachment, I don't get emotional about anything, and nothing gets to me. I just observe the world is unfolding perfectly in every moment.

For instance, as I walked home in inner silence, I wasn't bothered when it started to rain. I just put up my umbrella. Later while I was watching America's Got Talent from a place of detachment, I made no comparisons; I just enjoyed what each performer had to offer.

Now where's that remote control? That's what I'm talking about.



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