Saturday, 29 August 2009

There's Always a Very Good Reason Why

My mother asked me to collect her prescription at her doctor's surgery and the medication from the local pharmacist. Instead of walking back as I usually do, I decided to catch the bus so I'll arrive before the surgery and pharmacist closed. When I arrived at the surgery, it was closed. There was a sign posted on the door notifying patients that the surgery no longer opens on that particular evening. When I called mum to let her know the situation, she said she didn't know the surgery would be closed on that evening. Never mind! I'm sure there's a very good reason why I couldn't collect my mother's prescription that day.

As I had time, I decided to pop into the local library. I was really pleased to see this particular librarian at the desk, whom I'd been thinking about. She also happens to be a huge fan of Michael Jackson and I've had long discussions about Michael's music with her. The last time I spoke to her, a few weeks back, she wasn't feeling well. It was good to see her back in form. We had a chat for a few minutes before I went to use the Internet.

The next morning I told my mother I would be collecting her medication later in the evening. I asked her to call me in case she did change her mind and decided to collect the prescription herself. Later in the day, mum called me to tell me she had collected the medication. At least that meant I could have my 2 hour leisurely stroll home.

Later in the evening I asked mum if she had all her medication sorted. She said it was just as well she had gone herself because there's no way they would have given me the prescription if I'd gone to collect it. They weren't going to give her the prescription because they usually need confirmation from the hospital before prescribing that particular medication. She had to explain to them that the hospital had already called her and recommended that particular medication. Mum said it all worked out for the best.

It just shows that obstacles are never what they seem. There's always a very good reason why things don't work out as planned.


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Cutting Out the Middle Man

"Why have a mediator when I can go straight to Source?" My Core Beliefs
So I went to get some bicarbonate of soda from this particular store. When I asked one sales assistant on the till where I could find it, she pointed down a particular aisle. I was overwhelmed by how many containers of herbs and spices they had on that shelf.

How am I going to find you, bicarbonate of soda, among all of these? Come on, where are you?

After a few minutes I decided I'd had enough and went to look for another assistant. When I found one and asked him to show me where I could find the bicarbonate, he pointed down the same aisle I'd just come from.

"I know it's there but I can't find it," I said. "Can you come and show me where it is exactly?"

The assistant grumbled to himself and seemed reluctant to assist me.

"What happened to customer services?" I said to him.

As I was stomping up the aisle, my feet suddenly stopped and I found I could no longer move them. When I looked to my right I saw a whole row of containers with bicarbonate of soda. Thanks, friends, for answering my call.

I find life is a lot more straightforward when I cut out the middle man and go straight to source.


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Many Happy Returns!

While you're no longer here in physical form, I believe you're always here in spirit.

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

Wishing you peace and happiness!

Love forever,

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Perfect Timing

I recently received Gill Edward's Life is a Gift as a birthday present. Because I'm familiar with and already apply a lot of the concepts in my every day life I've just been dipping in and out of it.

On the bus this morning, I read a page which happened to be about selling a house and how people's negative thoughts about the house and the housing market can influence the sale. Gill's advice is for people to focus only on what they love and value about the house and feel gratitude to the estate agent. When you are focused on love you are in perfect resonance with the Universe that is Love. The Universe will arrange the right buyer that resonates with that love.

When I checked my Facebook later, I noticed a friend had shared about how after she'd prayed for one more buyer to come and view her house before she takes it off the market, the estate agent made an appointment for one more viewer. This will be the 11th viewer, viewing at 11 am. My friend said 11:11 is amazing for her.

I decided to send my friend the excerpt about selling the house. I also sent her an article I'd written about how this woman got her dream home. My friend said the excerpt was exactly what she needed to read as it helped her change her perspective about the house. She said now she's going to focus on the beauty of the house.

Funnily enough, while I was reading my friend's mail I was listening to Michael Jackson's song PYT, which I had been continuously listening to. Just as Michael was singing "Don't you know now is the perfect time" I was reading "What a joy it is to have you in my life to make that small alteration in mine right at the perfect timing!"

That's what I call perfect timing!

Everything is always working out for the best.


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I Believe in Second Chances

"Just because I've made my bed doesn't mean I have to lie in it. In other words, I expect to be given zillions of second chances." My Core Beliefs
When I first bought my laptop I was very much in love with it and we had a fantastic relationship. As the years went by, I got bored with the software and I wanted the latest versions. I wanted to get rid of it but I knew if I sold it I wouldn't get much for it. I kept thinking how worthless it was. Then one day when I switched on the "worthless" laptop, it was stuck on the dot prompt screen and wouldn't recognise any commands I typed in.

It was then I realised that thinking of the computer as "worthless" had rendered it worthless. It was time to reverse the effects. I started blessing it with love and thanking it for working perfectly. Each time I blessed it I would expect it to spring back to life but that didn't happen. I called on all the angels I could think of to help but nothing happened. Finally, I switched it off, resigned to the fact that I had lost my friend for good.

One friend who knew about the problem offered to lend me a friend's laptop she was looking after. It worked for a few hours and it also packed up. My friend said she would take the laptop to her father who likes fiddling with computers. I asked her if she could take my laptop and maybe her dad could figure it out. A day later my friend said her dad had not been able to fix her friend's laptop but he had been able to work out that there was a problem with my hard-drive. He happened to have a spare which he loaded. He also managed to retrieve all my old files which he saved on disks. And the icing on the cake was he loaded all the latest software I had been dreaming about.

My prayer did come true, but not in the way I had expected.

Although I haven't used that laptop now for years, I've never forgotten what that experience revealed about me.

So what if I make a mistake? I always expect to be given zillions of second chances.


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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Song of the Day - 19

Here's a classic song by The Jackson - "Shake Your Body to the Ground."

Michael Jackson is so adorable in this video.

Dancing Banana Smiley Smile Images


My Core Beliefs - Part 2

In my My Core Beliefs I listed beliefs that I live by. In this piece, I am going to look at how I apply these beliefs on a practical level.

One of my core beliefs is that "thoughts are things and things are thoughts." This means that all things are thoughts whether they are visible or invisible. When I have a thought about something it's very much real even if I can't sense it at the time. Put another way, thoughts are rather like angels of light that I can call upon to assist me as and when. All I need to do is think of the belief/angel which I know is very real and let the angel do its work.

For instance just yesterday in the bathroom when I accidentally hit my elbow against the sink, all I had to do was remember "Love is all there is" and that Love's intention is harmony and the thought form came to life and the pain was instantly dissolved.

When something appears not to be working out I remind myself that "life is unfolding perfectly" and I end up experiencing life unfolding perfectly.

If I'm feeling upset about something, all I have to do is think of "Love dissolves all grievances" and I feel the grudge or anger melting away.

My core beliefs are my beloved friends who are always there when I need them.

Thank you, friends!


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My Core Beliefs

Two months ago I attended my nephew's confirmation at his Catholic church. During the service the church members recited the "Apostle's Creed" which is a set of beliefs held by Christians. I remember memorising this Creed as a child but at the time they were just words that meant nothing to me; which is just as well as I never did convert to Christianity inas I don't believe in the idea of a mediator.

I believe having a creed is very important as it not only reminds believers of what they believe but the creed acts as their life guide. I also have my own personal creed I live by which are based on observations about life. These observations have become my core beliefs. In my writings I share how I experience these beliefs in my day to day experiences.

Before I list my core beliefs, it's important to examine my fundamental belief.

I believe that all is nothing. By this I mean, all things are inherently empty of concepts and meanings and only have meanings I attribute to them. When I attribute a meaning to a thing or experience, I am dreaming.

I believe dreaming is an important aspect of experiencing life. It is how I know myself as a creative being. In order to create/dream, there are certain core beliefs that make them happen. I am now going to list my personal creed or core beliefs in alphabetical order that enable me to dream magic and wonder.


A split mind achieves nothing.

Answers are everywhere, including my sleeping dreams.

Creation is making something out of nothing. In other words, things only have the meanings I attribute to them, otherwise they are meaningless.

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." ~~ Émile Coué

Every day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of being.

Every day the Universe is expressing as new joy, new ideas, new visions, new ways of experiencing the old, and new wonder.

Every moment is full of fun.

Everyone is always doing the best they can based on their beliefs and expectations.

Everything always works out for the best.

Everything has already happened. In other words, all realities already exist. When I want to have a particular experience, all I have to do is know that it already exists and let it happen.

Everything I want wants me.

Fear is forgetfulness of my identity as Infinite Self. When I remember that my self is the One Infinite Self then I KNOW things are always working out for the best.

How I see myself matters. In other words, my experiences depend on how I identify myself. When I identify myself as unlimited, so are my experiences; when I identify myself as limited, so are my experiences.

I accept myself in the same way the computer screen accepts anything I write without judgment.

I am always right. In other words, because the Universe is always mirroring back to me my beliefs and expectations, I am always being proven right.

I am feeling good.

I am the answers I seek. I am my own teacher and guide.

I am omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Love-Light that has always been and will always be.

I follow my heart at all times.

I never walk alone. Every moment I'm being supported by Infinite Love that wants me to be happy.

I pray about everything.

I would rather be myself than convert others.

If the shoe doesn't fit, why wear it?

Inspiration is everywhere.

It is my nature to be blessed.

It's all good. No matter what the situation or circumstances, something good always comes out of it.

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood." Richard Bandler In other words, I can be the parent I've always wanted to myself now.

Just because I've made my bed doesn't mean I have to lie in it. In other words, I expect to be given zillions of second chances.

Life is easy, fun and full of wonder.

Life is magical.

Life is unfolding perfectly.

Life is wonderful.

Life mirrors back to me what I believe, like and dislike. When I don't wish to have an experience I stay neutral i.e. have no emotional reaction.

Like attracts like but opposites do not attract.

Love and fear can't occupy the same space.

Love dissolves all grievances and grudges.

Love gives me freedom to be myself.

Love heals, harmonises, inspires and restores.

Love is all there is.

Love is everywhere.

Love is my nourishment. That's why it's important for me to love who I am, love what I do, and do what I love.

Love multiplies what I admire, adore, and appreciate.

My friends are everywhere.

My function and my body are one. This means that my body is the tool through which I express my joy and know myself (function).

My nature is boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness.

My nature is joy.

My nature is wholeness.

My one and only true love is no other than myself.

My purpose in life is to express my joy and to be myself.

No need to go looking for the desires of my heart; it will always come to me.

Nothing can dull my shine.

Only One exists. In other words, there is only One Intelligence appearing as the many.

Only I can make myself happy.

Only I can save myself.

Only Love Has Any Reality.

One thought leads to all similar thoughts.

Problems are Solutions in Disguise.

Questions and answers always arise as one. This means that I wouldn't have asked the question if the answer did not already exist.

The Inner and Outer are One.

The "past" only matters if I can milk it for all its worth.

The purpose of the Universe is to bless and to be a blessing.

The Spirit is buts.

The Universe can afford everything.

The Universe is always on my side.

The Universe is constantly moving at a perfect pace - mine.

The Universe is my self.

The weaker I am, the stronger I am. In other words, I am stronger when I ask for help at all times.

There are no doors.

There are no limits.

There are no obstacles. What appears as an obstacle is usually a blessing in disguise.

There are no wrong decisions. Every decision I've ever made has been right as it has been based on what I believed at the time. It matters not whether the decision was based on fear or love, it was still right. I can always choose again in the next moment.

There is great power in blessing, gratitude and prayer.

There is only One power.

Thoughts are things and things are thoughts. In other words thoughts are very real and become things; and things are thoughts in solid form.

What blesses one always blesses the all.

What I focus my attention on is magnified.

When I believe in myself and in my dreams, the universe believes in me.

What I love loves me back. (That doesn't apply to romantic relationships, however. Just because someone fancies me doesn't mean I have to reciprocate; and vice versa).

When I expect wonder, I experience wonder.

Where my heart is, is where I find my treasures.

While the Universe always says "Yes" there might be a price to pay. For instance, if I wish to be famous, this would mean giving up on my privacy. That's why it's important to listen to my heart and ask whether that which I desire is really what I need and will bring me joy.

Why fret when I can trust in Love?

Why have a mediator when I can go straight to Source?

In My Core Beliefs - Part 2, I discuss how I apply these beliefs in my every day life.


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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

One Light, Many Refractions

An Internet friend told me that while he was playing some songs for me, he said it helped him to connect more by looking at my photograph and he had a good feeling and satisfaction. He said he was going to print out a copy of my photo to look at to help him play in future.

I reminded my friend that he could use his own photograph as his inspiration as the same Light expressing as me is the same Light expressing in and as him.

I believe there is only one Light expressing as the all. The different expressions of Light is rather like when light refracts through a prism forming the different colours. That's why, I believe, each individual's expression of love feels different.

As long as you're aware that it's the same Light that is in all, then there really is no need to look to another for inspiration as you know that you are that Light.

Of course there's nothing wrong with asking for more light. I put my name down on blessings lists all the time and never stop praying.


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Quote of the Day - 2

"People want to be told what to do so badly, they'll listen to anything." Don Draper


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Song of the Day - 18

There are some songs I never get sick of and I could listen to each day. "Night to Remember" by Shalamar is one such song. I LOVE it!

Here's my friend, Mr Banana, bopping to the song.

Dancing Banana Smiley Smile Images


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

It's All Good!

I am finding life is becoming predictably unpredictable. By this I mean, because every moment is new and grander than the next, it's futile having a fixed plan or expectation about how life should unfold as the Universe is constantly unfolding better ways of expressing Self.

If, for instance, I've arranged to meet up a friend and he can't make it, it always turns out for the best anyway as I end up having a better experience elsewhere.

No guilt, no recriminations, no regrets. It really is all good!


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Lucky Me!

I recently started watching a series on television called Moonlight about a vampire detective who doesn't age and survives on blood.

I love the series for two reasons. First, the implications of living without growing old, which I can totally relate to. I must hasten to add that I'm not a vampire though I do know how to suck energy from everywhere, probably what keeps me looking forever young.

The second reason why I've fallen in love with the series is because I think the lead, Alex O'Loughlin, is the most gorgeous man I've seen on television for a long time. Hot! Hot! Hot!

I've just discovered Alex and I share the same birthday (24 August) though I'm 11 years older. Lucky me! Another reason to love him even more.

Happy belated birthday, Alex!


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Nice Tan!

While I was browsing in the bookshop I noticed this man in shorts with such a dark tan he looked as if he'd just come from holidays. He went to the gents toilets but was out a few seconds later. He stood not far from me. Then he asked me what the time was. I looked at my mobile and told him.

After shifting back and forth he headed for the toilet but was back out again. I wondered what was going on. Was he waiting for someone to come out?

Then he said to me that in case I was wondering why he was hanging around me, he was simply waiting for the cubicle to be free.

"Oh really?" I said. "And there I was thinking you wanted me to admire your tan."

He smiled. I asked him where he'd got the tan and he said he'd spent a few days in Venezuela where he goes often. He said the ray's were very potent over there and not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

My friend told me he was some kind of researcher interested in cultural demographics. He was particular interested in how slavery had affected many cultures. He also told me about a culture that hasn't been influenced by modern civilisation. It was fascinating speaking to my friend.

After he'd waited for about 20 minutes and still no sign of the cubicle being free, he told me he had to go.

I still think my friend had only been drawn to me because I had secretly admired his tan.

What I admire admires me back.


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Song of the Day - 17

Classic song: "Make That Move" by Shalamar. LOVE it!


The Bus Announcer

A lot of the buses in London now have the automated Announcer that lets passengers not only know the destination but lists every stop on the way. I've also noticed that it's the same woman's voice in all the buses with this technology.

For me, the Announcer represents the ONE in all, while each bus route represents each individual with their own unique personality, needs and desires. Because the ONE knows each individual intimately, HE can be whatever each individual needs in every moment.

Just like the Announcer technology is only useful when it is switched on, in the same respect, the Voice of the ONE can only benefit each individual when it is activated. In other words, life without the ONE is rather like someone dying of thirst right next to a running tap.

How do I activate the ONE?

I believe it is important to realise HIS presence, call on HIM for assistance in every moment, and let HIM experience life as me.

Once the ONE is activated, all I have to do is trust in the ONE and know that HE is always working perfectly on my behalf no matter how things appear.

Thank you, Transport for London, for demonstrating the ONE so perfectly.

"This article terminates here!"


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Monday, 24 August 2009

Cloud Spotting

So a friend and I were lying on the grass at a local park trying to guess what shapes the clouds were. We had such a laugh looking for clouds shaped like a cat.

I believe it's in those simple moments where we are being the Soul that is in constant joy and bliss.

Thank you for being my fellow cloud spotter for the day.


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The Perfect Spot

During my walk by the canal I wished for a perfect bench in the shade where I could sit and enjoy the view.

All the benches I came across in the shade were already occupied. As I didn't fancy sharing, I kept on walking. I finally came across this bench located a lot further back from the path so I could enjoy the view without being disturbed by cyclists and passersby. The only snag was there was a woman standing on the balcony of a flat behind speaking on her mobile phone. I decided to sit there anyway. After a few minutes, the woman went indoors to continue her conversation.

Aaah, bliss!

There's more than enough to meet each individual's needs, it's a matter of just waiting for that perfect opportunity to unfold.

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Celebrate Good Times

Well it's my birthday today.

In honour of this special day, I've decided to celebrate all the good times in my life. This means celebrating all the abundance, fun, happiness, harmony, inspiration, joy, laughter, love and peace now and to come.

What better song than "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, a song I've always LOVED.

"Celebrate good times, come on!"


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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Amazing Technology

I want one.


Friday, 21 August 2009

Bolt of Lightning - Part 2

Yesterday evening I watched Usain Bolt performing in the 200 metres finals. As part of his preparation, when he visualises his hand as an arrow, I couldn't help but play along with him and see him hitting his mark in record time. Usain went on to break the world record.

I thought it was interesting how one of the commentators described him as not having a proper technique and yet he got the job done. When Usain was interviewed after the race, he acknowledged that he didn't run well but he ran fast.

The way I see it, when you're being your Excellence, technique means nothing. Sometimes technique can even be a hindrance.

Another thing I find interesting is how Usain not only inspires his other competitors to do well, he inspires his Jamaican team mates to excel too. Jamaica has never won so many gold medals.

Thank you for being You, Usain. And many happy returns for today!


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Watch the actual race on the BBC website:

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Love Will Aways Find a Way - 2

It's amazing how the Universe will find many ways for people to connect.

The shopkeeper at the local corner shop has been asking me all these personal questions for ages. I have a feeling his interest goes more than customer-shop keeper. He even gave me a bottle of wine last year when he found out it was my birthday. Although I accepted the wine, I made it very clear I wasn't interested in him that way.

So while I was in the shop this morning, I noticed some photos on the till. I asked him who they were and he said they were Krishna.

"Oh, I know Krishna. I used to chant at the Hari Krishna temple," I said. "I even used to eat at Govinda's, their restaurant next door."

"Really? I've heard of the temple, near Tottenham Court Road, but I haven't been there. I went to their temple in Watford recently."

"I've heard of that temple, the one donated by one of the Beatles. I've never been but I hear it's beautiful."

"I can't believe you used to chant," he said. "How long were you chanting for?"

"A few years. It helped me clear my head. I no longer follow any religion though."

"Wow, we must meet up and talk sometime."

Nice try but I'm not falling for that one, Universe.


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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

OK, You Got Me!

"People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy." ~~ Bob Hope
As I was walking through the park, I clocked two guys sitting at the other end. As I didn't feel like walking in front of them, I took a shortcut away from them, but they saw right through me.

"So you took a shortcut," one of them said. "I knew you were going to try and avoid us."

"OK, you got me!" I laughed. "Here you go then!"

I blew both of them a kiss.

Both men were delighted and laughed out loud.

"Love it!" one said.

There's nothing like love to get yourself out of a sticky situation.


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Love Will Always Find a Way

A few months back I read that YouTube was going to block many music videos to UK users. I remember thinking that it's not going to make any difference because users are always going to find ways to share what they love with other users.

That's exactly what has been happening. When my American friends have shared videos with me that I haven't been able to access, I have always found another copy that has been uploaded by another user or at another website.

You can't put limits on Love.

Love will always find a way to be together.


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Song of the Day - 16

I'm in the mood for a chilling out song. "In Da Club" by 50 Cent fits the bill. LOVE it!

"We're going to party like it's your birthday."

Well, it's almost my birthday.


Reprogramming the Memory Body

A while back my mother shared the following experience. When she went to catch the local bus, the bus driver asked her if she knew a woman sitting at the bus stop. Apparently, the woman had got on the bus intending to go somewhere and had forgotten where. She'd also forgotten where she lived. The driver suggested she stay on the bus and he'll return her to the stop she'd got on at. Mum told the driver that the woman lives in the neighbourhood. She even offered to walk her to her front door. As mum was walking her home, she recognised the area, thanked mum, and walked home alone. Mum said she really felt sad for the woman as it must be frightening losing your memory. The woman has since been taken into a care home.

I can relate to that woman's experience. Once when I was travelling on the bus, I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I was so disorientated I couldn't remember where I was or even who I was. I simply experienced myself as good feelings.

Now it's all very well having all these wonderful feelings, however, I knew there was no way I could continue having this human experience with no memory of who I am or what things are for. So I snapped out of that state and remembered I was travelling on a bus.

So in order to experience this reality I need a memory body, which is a useful tool that holds old memories in place. If the memory body wasn't holding this image of my body in place, I would wake up each day with a totally new face and body. Imagine trying to explain that to my loved ones that I'm the same me, I just look different. I doubt if they would buy that excuse.

The problem with the memory body is it's a double-edge sword as it likes to dictate not only how people, animals and nature should appear but how long they should maintain their appearance. That's why I believe it's important to take control and show the memory body who is boss.


By reprogramming the memory body to continuously receive new memories and experience the old in a new and better way.

Speaking of which, a woman who works in the local community once asked my mother the following.

"Who is that young girl I sometimes see you with? Is she your daughter?"

"Yes she is," mum said. "But she's not a young girl, you know. She's 42."

"Unbelievable!" the woman said. "She doesn't look it. I thought you had her late in life."

That's one of the fun effects of reprogramming the memory body - I get to maintain my appearance while appearing ever youthful.

I'm really grateful for the memory body, which enables me to enjoy life in this form.


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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Song of the Day - 15

I've always loved this song because of the video as it's fantastic. It's like watching the magnificence of the Soul in motion. "Sing it Back" by Moloko.

Michael Jackson's video for Rock with You is very similar.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Good to See You!

For weeks I'd been wondering about a dog friend called Sid, whom I haven't seen in a while. I remember his human guardian telling me that Sid is getting old. I was wondering if he was still around.

When my mother asked me to run an errand for her, although I was going to be delayed going into town, I knew everything was working out for the best.

As I was walking later through the park, I saw Sid and his human friend. I was so happy to see him. I told him I'd been wondering how he is. His friend said Sid hasn't been feeling very well.

Good to see you're still going strong, Sid.

Just shows that if I hadn't ran the errand for my mother I wouldn't have met up with my friend, Sid. Everything does work out for the best.


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Down Boy!

I have an inner dog that I've been training to be under the command of Light. By this I mean the dog is the aspect of self that identifies itself as the limited form. The idea is to train the dog to identify itself as boundless Light.

For instance, in the middle of the night I woke up with the urge to cough. I repeated in thought: "Light" until the urge left me.

In other words, I was giving my inner dog the Light command which recognises my body as Light. Light cannot experience cough.

Thank you for being Light, dog.


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Love Gives You Freedom

"Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom." ~~ Rabindranath Tagore
The wonderful thing, I find, about watching films I love is I always find something new and meaningful every time I watch it.

While I was watching ET: The Extra-Terrestrial yesterday, one of my favourite films, it occurred to me how Elliot and ET's relationship represents what it means to love without possession. When Elliot discovers ET, who has been accidentally abandoned on earth by his parents, Elliott decides to keep ET as his personal friend, though he keeps ET a secret from his mother. As ET and Elliott grow closer, they are so at one that Elliott can not only feel what ET is feeling, he can also act out what ET is thinking.

Although ET adapts to the human ways quickly, he can't help feeling homesick. He asks Elliott and his brother and sister to help him contact home, which they do. As ET grows more and more homesick, it affects Elliott's health.

Finally, ET is captured by the authorities who try to do various tests on ET to understand him. The scientists discover ET and Elliott's brain patterns are in perfect synchrony. It is only when ET "dies" that Elliott returns to normal and gets better.

When Elliott goes to say goodbye to ET's corpse and tells him how much he loves him, he discovers ET is still alive. ET asks Elliott to take him to the forest where his family are going to pick him up. Elliott's brother and friends accompany them to the pick-up point.

There's that poignant scene when ET is saying goodbye to Elliott and he asks Elliott to come with him but Elliott asks him to stay. They both realise that as much as they love each other, both have to be given the freedom to be true to themselves. Before ET leaves he tells Elliott that he will always be with him.

I believe "ET" is a reminder that love doesn't possess but gives everyone the freedom to express who they are. Sometimes this might mean either spending time together or apart.

Whether we're together or physically apart, we are always one in love.


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At Home with ET

A few days ago, when my mother had a towel round her head, she joked around that she looked like ET from the movie, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. Later that day I was inspired to watch Michael Jackson's video "Human Nature", which was the first time I'd actually seen the video even though I knew the song. On the video were photos of Michael and ET.

So yesterday afternoon while I was at home watching television, as I was channel hopping I noticed "ET" was on one channel, which I brought to my mother's attention. As the film was almost finished I decided to catch the last hour at the other channel where they usually repeat programmes. I caught the part where ET had a cloth around its head and looked exactly like my mother had looked a few days ago.

Mum was amazed at the synchronicity.

Thanks for paying us a visit, ET. Please call again soon!


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Bolt of Lightning

I have written elsewhere that I believe that the reason why the human body is not advancing as fast as technology is because most people identify themselves as the self that withers and dies, until they wake up from "dying" and discover that they are in fact the Infinite Self that has always been and will always be.

I believe when I identify myself as the Infinite Self,

"Then each and every single day is the Infinite Self being expressed as new cells, new energy, new life, new ideas, new joy, new opportunities, new passion, new visions, new ways of experiencing the old, new wisdom, and new wonder. As my body is the Infinite Self in visible form, I expect my body to grow more and more beautiful and radiant; rather like the telephones that are getting better and better in design...forever." New Every Morning
Yesterday evening I watched the World Athletics. I was really looking forward to the 100 metres finals because I knew it was going to be something special. Just before the race started, in thought, I wished all the athletes the very best, as I didn't want to get emotional about the race. Then I relaxed and witnessed Usain Bolt smash the current world record like the bolt of lightning that he is. While "awesome" is not a word I often use, I can't think of another word to describe what I'd witnessed! Awesome!

One commentator believed Usain is the genius that he is because he loves running and is full of running.

For me, Usain Bolt demonstrates the newness of the Infinite Self being expressed in every moment.

New energy is expressed in the effortless way Usain runs.

After the race when Usain was interviewed about his achievement, he said he'd been feeling really good and expected a great race and he went on to "execute" it. In other words, he was expressing ever new joy.

New vision is expressed in the way Usain is constantly dreaming of new goals. I loved it when he was mentally preparing for the race by seeing his hand shooting in front of him like an arrow.

New ways of experiencing the old is expressed in the way Usain continues to break old world records and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

I can imagine that world record is going to be broken again and again because it's the nature of the Infinite Self to express new wonders.

Thank you, Usain, for being the Wonder in motion. I love you!
Keep doing your thing!


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Watch the actual race on the BBC website:

Usain Bolt interview:

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Another New Day

I've never blogged this way before.

No, I have not.

Makes a change, does it not?

Indeed, it does.

Happy day to all!


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Saturday, 15 August 2009

New Every Morning

Every day is new, which brings new opportunities, new wonder, and new joy.

This means it doesn't matter what was going on in the previous day, the next day not only overwrites the old but makes it even better. How does this work in practice?

Take the rate at which information technology has developed. Years ago there was the old-fashion dial telephone which evolved to the touch tone. When the mobile was invented, it was huge with the long aerial. Now the mobiles have got even more refined with more facilities. With the mobile phone there is no longer any time and distance between people. All you have to do is dial the other's mobile and you're in direct contact.

Look how long it used to take to send letters by post. Now you can either email or send a text message which take no time at all.

Still another way to communicate is in front of the computer where you can speak to each other via the web cam.

Of course the ultimate form of communication is telepathy but most people don't believe this is possible.

Back to the advance of technology, how come man's body is not making such rapid progress?

I believe it's because most people believe there are two aspects of self: the self that gets sick, grows old and dies; and the Infinite Self that doesn't change. Since most people identity themselves as the self that is on a downward spiral, their bodies appear to wither and die. However, when they die, they wake up from the death dream only to discover that they still exist as the Infinite Self.

What if you identify yourself as the Infinite Self that is forever? Then each and every single day is the Infinite Self being expressed as new cells, new energy, new life, new ideas, new joy, new opportunties, new passion, new visions, new ways of experiencing the old, new wisdom, and new wonder. As my body is the Infinite Self in visible form, I expect my body to grow more and more beautiful and radiant; rather like the telephones that are getting better and better in design...forever.

One way I practise identifying myself as the Infinite Self is by being in silence. Then the Light is constantly pouring through me making all things new, forever more.


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Friday, 14 August 2009

Good One!

While I was booking a computer at the library reception, one librarian asked me if I was aware that because of health and safety regulations I shouldn't be sitting in front of the computer all day.

"Yes, I'm aware of that," I said.

"Do you take frequent breaks?"

"Yes, she does take breaks," the other librarian said, "when she finishes in the evening."

"Good one!" I chuckled.

Of course I do adhere to the health and safety regulations. That's why I take a nice long break at the end of the day.

Happy now?


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Never Again!

New every morning is the love
Our wakening and uprising prove;
Through sleep and darkness safely brought,
Restored to life and power and thought.

New mercies, each returning day,
Hover around us while we pray;
New perils past, new sins forgiven,
New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven. New Every Morning is the Love
While I was working in the library, I started losing vision in one eye. For a while I continued to work but as it got worse I decided to leave. I stopped off at the shop to run an errand for my mother.

When I went home I decided to just lie down and let it pass, but it developed into a full blown migraine. As I prayed for help it got worse. I started throwing up and even had a stomach upset.

The weird thing was when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw I was looking radiant, which is not surprising really because I, the Self, that has always been and will always exist, is forever shining Her radiant light.

My mother asked me if I wanted her to fix me a drink but I wasn't in the mood for anything.

I continued to pray.

A few hours later, my mother's friend came to visit. I heard he'd brought some takeaway chicken for us, but mum told him I wasn't well. The way I was feeling the last thing on my mind was food. I vowed to myself that I will never have any food again as long as I'm in this reality.

By the middle of the night, when my stomach had settled, I had a glass of juice. I spent a few hours sitting in silence then I fell asleep.

This morning mum asked me if I was going to stay home today and I told her there was no need. Before I went to the bathroom, I headed straight to the kitchen and heated my piece of chicken in the microwave. It was delicious!

In case anyone is wondering what I meant when I said "I will never have any food again as long as I'm in this reality", I meant yesterday's reality.

Today is a new day and I'm feeling good.


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Why Someone Benefits From Another's Suffering

In the last Dragon's Den, the TV programme where entrepreneurs pitch their inventions in order to get investment from the "dragons"/business experts, one entrepreneur's business was cleaning agents. He said since the "swine flu" business has now picked up. Now more companies are buying more cleaning agents to protect their staff and clients. One of the investors was very interested and wanted to invest. Because the entrepreneur believed the "dragon" was asking too share from his business, he declined his offer of investment. I'm sure there are lots of investors watching the show who are going to fall over backwards to invest in that entrepreneur. And why not?

Isn't it interesting how someone always benefits from another's suffering, albeit people believe they are trying to eradicate suffering?

I believe that's because one is either trusting in fear or love.

I believe that as long as there are people who benefit from fear manifesting as illness, old age, crime, poverty, etc, there's no incentive to get rid of it. That's why while there are people who don't want "swine flu", there are the pharmaceutical companies who want the pandemic to get worse, as well as cleaning manufacturers, insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, and even funeral directors who obviously benefit from the "pandemic."

How does one stop benefitting from fear? By disconnecting from fear, refusing to buy into fear; and only trusting in Love.

I believe that choosing the path of Love is not something that can be taken lightly. It means being really honest with one's self that you are prepared to give up on all the benefits and trust only in Love. While I've disconnected from taking medication and rely on Love for healing and taking care of my needs, I haven't stopped eating food. Although I know how to sustain myself with Light, I am having way too much fun to stop eating food. At least I'm being honest with myself.

Love to all no matter what path you are choosing.


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Thursday, 13 August 2009

One Act of Kindness is Still Reaping Dividends

It's amazing what one act of kindness can do.

Just over a year ago, as I was walking home, I noticed this woman ahead of me with some shopping bags. I asked her if I could help her carry them. She felt guilty that I had only left her with one bag to carry. I told her she deserved to be pampered. She said she felt God was answering her prayer through me. I said I'd had a good day and wanted to share my joy with her.

It turned out she didn't live far from me. As we walked to her house, she told me she was a pastor. She asked me whether I was a Christian. I said I didn't follow any religion but believed in God. My friend insisted that I needed Jesus as my way to God, but I begged to differ. All I wanted to do was help a friend not get converted. At her house, I gave her a hug and wished her well. I then recorded our encounter on my blog, as you do.

After that I didn't see my friend again for a long time.

Months later, I noticed my sister-in-law, J, driving in the neighbourhood. When I went home, I asked mum if J had been round and she said no. The next time I saw J, I asked her what she'd been doing in the neighbourhood. She said she has a work colleague who lives in the area who she sometimes picks up on the way to the hospital, where she works as a mid-wife. It turned out her work colleague was the same woman whose shopping bags I had carried. She told J she remembered me.

Fast forward to the present moment.

After my mother's recent operation, she was given some injections, which J has been giving her. Because of some burst water mains in the vicinity that has resulted in huge traffic jams, J couldn't come round to give mum the last injection. So she asked mum if she minded if her colleague, the same woman who lives in the area, comes round to give her the injection. Mum said she didn't mind. I told mum I knew who the woman was.

Early this morning I went to my mother's doctor's surgery to collect her prescription. While I was waiting for it, I noticed this boy in the corner and smiled at him. I asked him if he was OK and he said yes. The next thing I know he was sitting next to me and showing me his computer game. My friend, who is almost 8 years old, was waiting for his mother. He was very excited about his holidays next week to Spain. I was so grateful for my friend for keeping my mind off the chaotic doctor's surgery, which is not my favourite scenery.

When I took my mother's medication home I asked her if J's colleague had been to give her the injection and she said no. She said she wasn't bothered because she was expecting another friend round later who could always administer the injection.

On the way out, I noticed J's friend approaching and speaking on her mobile phone. Apparently she couldn't find our address and was asking someone for directions. I had come out at the right moment. I took her back to the flat and even let her in.

It doesn't take much to share the joy. All it takes is a smile, saying hello, a compliment, carrying someone's shopping, sharing an experience I love or find inspiring... and the benefits last forever.


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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Reluctant Hero

During my walk home I noticed this cute black cat in front of a house, so called it to me. The cat didn't seem in the mood to play but I kept calling. Then it leapt on top of the gate. While I was stroking it, it kept looking elsewhere. After about a minute I thanked the cat for allowing me to stroke it. The cat stared right into my eyes. I have a feeling it was saying, "Glad someone got something out of this, as it sure wasn't me!"

I love cats!


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A Friendly Visit

As I was sitting in the library reading a glossy magazine, a wasp flew in and sat on the page. It was the cutest wasp, very tiny, as if it had recently hatched. After allowing me to examine it up close, my friend flew away.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you enjoy your life.


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Wonders Never Cease!

When my mother came out of the shower this morning, she had a towel on her head. She asked me who I reminded her of. As I'd only just woken up, my mind was blank.

"I can't think," I said. "You tell me."

"ET. Remember?"

"Oh yeah, you really do look like ET!"

Well guess what? I've just watched Michael Jackson's Human Nature video which is the first time I've seen it as I didn't know there was one for that song. In the video, there are photos of Michael and ET.

Wonders never cease!

We love you forever, Michael!


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Following My Natural Rhythm - Aum

Girl, close your eyes
Let that rhythm get into you
Don't try to fight it
There ain't nothin' that you can do
Relax your mind
Lay back and groove with mine
You got to feel that heat
And we can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love Rock with You, Michael Jackson
In the middle of the night, while I was lying in silence, I heard what I thought was the sound of my mother's electric chair. There's a kind of purring sound it makes when she's lifting it up with the remote control in order for her to get out of the chair. Since she had her hip operation, she has been sleeping on it, as she finds it more comfortable than her bed. After listening for a few minutes I didn't hear her go to the bathroom. Maybe, she's changed her mind. How very odd that I can still hear the sound. If it's not the chair what can it be? Is it the fridge? No I can't hear it from here. Has someone left their car engine running? I got up to look out of the window but there was nothing there.

What the hell is that noise and where is it coming from?

It was then I realised the sound was coming from inside me. Aha, it's the famous "Aum", which Paramahansa Yogananda refers to when he experiences Cosmic Consciousness:

"The creative voice of God I heard resounding as Aum, the vibration of the Cosmic Motor." Autobiography of a Yogi
Although I've experienced the inner sound which I have even used for healing, I've never heard it as the Aum. As I listened to it, it felt like it was coming from both within me and without. It was everywhere.

How many people are going on courses and retreats just to hear the "Aum" which I can hear so clearly and that feels so natural. Years ago I used to chant some mantras that included the "Aum" or "Om." At the time, I was only interested in those mantras because I'd heard they had creative powers. I would find that after chanting for a few weeks and seeing no result, I would give it up as it felt like I was forcing myself to be something I'm not.

I later came to realise that life, for me, is about being true to myself. I find that when I follow my heart I am, as Michael Jackson's song goes: "letting the rhythm (of my Soul) get into you". All I need to do is just do what I love and I'm drawn to a way that's natural for my own unique "evolutionary path", which cannot be taught by any spiritual teacher or guru.

For instance, when I started meditating, I didn't do it because it was spiritual, I did it because it was fun and it felt natural. Through practice I got to discover my essence as Love-Light. Meditation then became another way of expressing my joy. Years later when I tried meditating in a group setting and following a particular technique, it felt artificial. I couldn't relate to the teacher's way or the practice. I decided to just stick to what I do best i.e. meditate in my own way.

I remember once during meditation experiencing this immense heat travelling up my spine. At the time I didn't have a point of reference and just thought I was being burnt alive or something. Fortunately, the heat passed through my head. The next time it happened again I was used to the experience so I just relaxed and let it do its thing. It was only years later that I discovered that experience had a name called the "Kundalini," a kind of creative energy at the base of the spine that can be activated. For a short while I even practised Kundalini Yoga with a group, which was supposed to be a safe technique to help awaken the Kundalini. Again the ritual felt artificial and I soon abandoned it. Besides, why try to awaken the Kundalini when mine is already awake?

Since my early twenties, I've been having inner dialogues with myself. I would have discussions with myself on the computer about whatever issues I had to deal with at the time. Through that technique I discovered that I did have all the answers inside of me. It's a matter of trusting in myself.

Years later when I started studying healing, part of the course included committing yourself to following the guru's teaching. As much as I enjoyed playing around with energy, I couldn't follow the guru's teachings because it didn't feel right. There's nothing inspiring about acting "small" just so I can belong to a group. So I got what I needed from the course and abandoned that path.

There was a time when the Inner Voice suggested that I read the book "Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which I did. At the time I thought I'd discovered the "Holy Grail" and even considered becoming a Christian Scientist, but the Inner Voice advised me that it wasn't my path. I didn't heed the Voice at first but then I started feeling uncomfortable as what I believed in my heart started to clash with the teachings. That was when I finally accepted that following a religion/teaching/school of thought is not for me.

Back to listening to the "Aum", I had a vision where I saw myself in this narrow tunnel. On both sides of the wall were many faces of people of different nationalities all watching me walk through the tunnel. I believe the tunnel represents my own unique path.

I can't force myself to be what I'm not. I can only follow my natural rhythm and be myself; and whatever I need to experience will happen at the time that is right for me.

Om Shanti Om!


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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

No Problem, No Solution

Ever had one of those moments when things go wrong for no reason at all? I had that while I was working at the library.

When I went to browse a friend's MySpace page, a notice came up that it wasn't available. However, I could open my own MySpace account. I even uploaded a picture. How very odd! About an hour later when I checked the friend's page, it was now working perfectly.

Next, when I looked up one of my articles on my blog, a notice came up that that particular website had been blocked. The odd thing is that I could access my other blogs. So I asked the librarian to ask their IT department why I couldn't have access to that particular blog when I could access the others. While I was waiting for the IT guy to assist me, I tried again and my blog was now accessible.

When the IT guy came I told him I could now access it. He said they do block some websites but he couldn't understand what had happened with mine.

Just as well I believe there is only One Intelligence in control of every single situation, which knows nothing of problems.

Where there are no problems, there are no solutions.


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Song of the Day - 14

LOVE this song "PYT" by Michael Jackson.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Every Moment is New

When I'm experiencing life from silence i.e. not thinking, every moment is new. Why? Because where there is no thought there is no point of reference, and no comparisons. Every moment stands on its own. The moment I start thinking, I get to experience all experiences associated with that thought and get trapped in repeated patterns.

That's why I can watch programmes I love on television such as "Star Trek" and never get bored because every time I see it, I am coming from a new standpoint, which gives me a new meaning.

Being in silence is also good for addressing different feelings I experience in my body which sometimes feel as tightness or pain. When I experience them from silence, I'm no longer trying to associate the feeling with a previous experience. For instance at some point yesterday afternoon I felt a pounding in my head. I wasn't concerned about what it meant I just focused on silence. The pain eventually passed through me without my having to do anything about it.

When I experience every moment as new, then that's bound to have an impact on my physical body. How can it age when every moment I'm drawing in new energy that is regenerating me in every moment?

Every moment is new.


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Chain Reaction

While I was in the bookshop, I picked up a book to browse which had a chapter about dowsing. It says you can use a chain with a pendant to dowse. I remember I used to dowse years ago but I'm no longer interested in it.

About half an hour later when I was walking home, this guy approached me and asked me if I would like to buy a gold chain. He said he could offer me a good deal. I told him I wasn't interested.

Now that's what I call a chain reaction.


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Song of the Day - 13

LOVE this song, "Fascination" by Alphabeat. It feels good!


Alphabeat - Fascination (Official Video!!)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

For the Love Starved

I had a very vivid sleeping dream this morning.

As I was walking home, a man appeared beside me.

"Can I walk you home?"

"I don't mind, ta," I smiled at him. "Do you tend to do this a lot then?"

"I do it for a lot of people. The last time I walked this woman we got heavily involved."

"Well, I'm not interested in you in that kind of way."

"Fair enough," he said.

The dream changed and my companion and I were now somewhere crowded that looked like a cafe. A woman came up to our table. When she saw my friend she said to me, "It's him again!"

"What do you mean?" I said.

"The last time he was here, he was with this white lady and looked just like her. Now he's looking just like you but I know he's the same guy."

It was only then that I realised that, apart from the fact that my friend was appearing as a man and he was a few inches taller, he looked exactly like me. He even had a similar build to mine. He could have passed as my identical twin.

"Who are you?" I said.

"I appear to people who are starving for love. I am here to look after you."

Suddenly two guys walked in and wanting to make trouble for the other customers but my friend intervened. One of the guys tried to punch my friend but he just disappeared and reappeared behind them. Everyone marvelled at the speed at which my friend had moved.

Then I woke up.

I know who the guy in my dream is, he is my one true love.

Thank you for always being there for me. I can never be love starved when I've got you.


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The song below, by Whitney Houston, represents my one true love: