Monday, 27 July 2009

What is Resistance?

During my walk I decided to pick blackberries to take home with me.

I noticed they are in three stages of development: ones that are not ready; ones that appear ready; and the ones that are ready.

I don't bother with the ones that are not ready.

The ones that appear ready look black and ripe, however, they are quite hard and when I try to pick them they don't come off that easily. It's as if the berries are saying they are not yet ready. I have found that although they are edible, they can taste sour, which is not surprising as they're not expressing their fullest potential.

The ones that are ready are a lot softer and come off easily. In fact, they are almost ready to drop and they taste sweet and juicy.

My blackberries friends got me thinking about life experiences. Resistance is a sign that I'm trying to force things to happen; to pick fruits that are not yet ready to be harvested. When I try to force the issue, it might seem to work out but deep inside it doesn't feel right. It's best to simply let nature take its course. Then what I love ends up chasing me or lands on my lap.

When I took the blackberries home, my mother asked why I didn't have as many as the previous week.

"That's because not all of the ones I picked were ready."

"Yes, some of them were sour."

"I know."

This time mum said they were all delicious.

Life is always sweet when I let nature take its course.


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