Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What is a Prodigy?

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Monday, 20 July 2009

What is a Prodigy?

People tend to regard people who are incredibly talented at a young age as prodigies.

What is a prodigy anyway?

In the sci-fi series "Star Trek," the crew sometimes encounter beings called the Q from the Q continuum. Because the Q are masters of telekinesis and teleportation, they can do anything they want. The Q find the human way of doing things rather tedious and laborious.

In one episode called Q2, Q's son, Q junior, wishes to spend time with Voyager so he could have an experience of what it's like living with humans. The boy being a Q simply teleports into Captain Janeway's quarters, which startles her. Then his father appears to formally introduce them. Here's what happens:

Q: I'm a little hurt you didn't recognise junior. You are his godmother, after all.

Janeway: The first time I saw him he was an infant.

Q junior: Four years ago in human time. You called me adorable.

Janeway: You remember?

Q junior: I may have looked like an infant but I was still a Q. [addressing his father] Maybe, you should have picked a better godparent. *
I believe Q junior is making a very important point. A Q doesn't stop being a Q just because he's a baby. A Q is always a Q regardless of how he appears.

In the same respect, just because I'm appearing as a human doesn't mean I stop being my True Self as Light. I am always the same in any reality, whether I'm appearing as human or another entity.

That kind of thinking is not acceptable in the human dream. We're all meant to know our place in society. Kids are expected to act like kids. When you get to a certain age, you're expected to rebel. I'm sure there are lot of "kids” who are awake to their true identity that are now living in families whose parents and siblings are totally "clueless." Kids who don't conform to the human model of behaviour are either regarded as prodigies to be marvelled at and treated as gods; or sent to psychologists to be given appropriate labels and treated like freaks of nature.

Those who have lived with full awareness of their true identity have been idealised to such an extent that religions have been built around them. They are regarded as models we should all look up to and try to emulate. Some even treat these individuals as saviours.

I believe we are all prodigies. It's just that there are prodigies who are aware of who they are, and there are prodigies who are in deep slumber.

I've always known who I am.


* Dialogue from: Q2 on YouTube

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