Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Using the Gifts I Have Been Given

The following article, which was previously posted at my Being the Magic; Sharing the Wonder - 3 blog, is about when I was reminded to use my gifts of Light.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Using the Gifts I Have Been Given

A few weeks ago I had a dream about this man who said to me, "You are not using all the gifts you have been given."

"What gifts am I not using?" I said.

"The gift of light."

"What about sharing who I am through writing? Am I not expressing light through them?"

"You are radiating the Light that you are in those writings, but there is something else you must do, and it's now time for you to focus on doing that."

Before I could continue quizzing my friend, I woke out of that dream. I didn't have time to ponder over what that dream meant because I heard the Inner Voice speaking to me about the very same topic. (To Self, there's no difference between the waking dream and the sleeping dream). The Voice said it is time to express my nature as Light; to literally be a lightworker by consciously projecting light wherever I am. HE was going to teach me how to express Light in every moment.

First of all, I'm to get into the habit of flooding my whole being with light every single morning and during the day. It's important to see Light as my real "daily bread" and let Light nourish me. It's also important to train my body to be totally obedient to the Light.

Next, I am to consciously project light wherever I am in order to dissolve fog-like thought forms that try to conceal the reality of God's presence. Only when the fog has dissipated can one enjoy the sun's radiance.

Later that morning as I was watching television, the satellite started playing up and a notice came up saying no signal was being received. The Voice showed me how to project light to the Source of the "problem". It felt like a laser beam coming from my eyes. The signal returned to normal.

Since then I've been religiously radiating light everywhere. Just recently my mother had the flu and I radiated light everywhere. Even though I know my nature as Light that cannot have cold, I started experiencing my throat itching and feeling like I was getting a cold. I continued to flood my consciousness with Light whenever I got the urge and I've been fine.

Thanks for the reminder to use the gifts I have.


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