Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Not Again!

When I went home yesterday I noticed there was a tray on the kitchen table full of fruits of every variety.

Not again! I grumbled to myself.

"I take it your friend came to visit then?" I said to mum.

"Yes, he brought those fruits for me."

"That's all we need, more fruits!"

"I feel the same way but I didn't tell him that though," she said. "I thanked him profusely for bringing them."

"At least he only brought fruits and not vegetables," I said.

"He knows how time-consuming it is to pick and cut them. I'm hardly in a position to do all that work."

"Where are you going to put these fruits as we've got enough as it is, and I'm not in the mood to eat fruits."

"I'm going to just bung them all in the blender and make fruit juice."

"Oh good! I have a feeling the angels are bored and entertaining themselves by continuously sending us food."

Mum laughed. "They have been sending a lot lately."

"Can you imagine if we were to receive all of our good in an instant? There wouldn't be enough space in London to contain them."

Later in the evening when another of my mother's friend paid a visit he had a bag with him for my mother and asked me to put the contents in the fridge.

"You haven't brought more food, have you?" I said.

"No, just fruit juice. These ones have lots of minerals which your mum needs to help her get better."

"But you brought some juice yesterday!"

"So what? I enjoy spending my money on your mum. She's a good friend and deserves it."

"How about spending your money on me as I deserve it too?" I teased him.

He promised to buy me some Vimto, my favourite drink, on his next visit.

Thank you, Universe, for providing superabundantly, even though I moan about it.


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