Monday, 27 July 2009

My Friends are Everywhere

It's amazing the different ways I get to connect with friends.

As I was taking a walk via the canal, I noticed this man polishing his boat. I was curious about what product he was using.

"Is that a special product you are using to make your boat so shiny?"

He showed me the product and when I saw it, I laughed out loud.

"Baby oil?"

"Yes, not only does it make it shiny, when it rains the water just slides off it."

My friend told me how he came across that information which he's shared with others. I asked him what it was like to live on a canal boat and whether there was enough space. He said they had all the home convenience, microwave, washing machine, television and enough room for him, his wife and their guard dog. He said they were mooring at that space to get water and to get rid of their rubbish and they were heading further north. I asked him what route he was taking and he told me. It turned I knew that route as I've explored it by foot.

While we were chatting, he introduced me to his wife and their German Shepherd dog. While his wife was off on her walk, my friend and chatted for about half an hour. We had so much in common. I used to live in the town where he was born. His grown up kids (the eldest is now 50) live in a place called Canvey Island; I once stayed at a caravan site at Canvey Island and we even went to the local night club. My friend has spent time in Australia; I've been to Australia. The only thing we didn't have in common was our football teams; he supports Tottenham Hotspurs and I support Liverpool. I told him Liverpool was the best team in the world and he didn't agree. :-)

It's wonderful to see my friends everywhere.


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