Friday, 31 July 2009

Go Away, Rain!

As I was walking home, I saw two fire engines driving by. In the distance I could see thick smoke billowing from a building. The sky was thick with smoke. and I could even smell it. At one point I started coughing. I heard some passers-by saying the fire was at a local school. Just as well the kids are on holidays.

I reminded myself that I'm walking in Light and asked the Light to clear the smoky environment around me. I felt better.

I also had a thought that the building could do with some rain to help put out the fire. A few minutes later it started drizzling which became a downpour.

As I was putting up my brolley, I thought to myself "It's not me that needs rain, silly! Please go away as I need to walk home in dry weather."

It stopped raining and remained dry and sunny the rest of the way.

Rain, rain, go away!
Come again when I really need you!


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