Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Expecting a Cat to Behave Like a Dog

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Expecting a Cat to Behave Like a Dog

Recently I had a discussion with a friend, who is already married, about relationships. He asked me what kind of man I was looking for. I said I expected him to be like the One Self who is accepting of all experiences, non-judgmental, and always there. I asked him if he thought I could find a human who is like God. He said I was expecting a cat to behave like a dog.

I thought his analogy was very funny and so true. While there are exceptions to every rule, the collective cat consciousness or nature is totally different from that of a dog's.

In the same way, you can't expect humans to go against their nature. Human nature is about evolving through learning life lessons. Humans love to share ideas and knowledge, and they have unlimited ideas, but to expect humans to give without expecting anything in return is like expecting a cat to bark. Even those who give for the sake of giving say they get back joy, love, pleasure, or altruism. To justify having a reason to give, humans have even made up a God who gives because it is His pleasure to give. My understanding of God is that He has no feelings, thoughts, or concepts so how can this God feel pleasure? The God that feels pleasure is a human construct.

Humans are capable of immeasurable acts of kindness (according to human standards and beliefs) on the one hand, while creating and experiencing lots of pain and suffering on the other. This is because it is their nature to war against themselves, regarding some experiences as good and others as evil. Is it any surprising humanity hasn't achieved lasting peace when he is constantly warring against himself in one form or another? It's no use pointing a finger at terrorists for killing "innocent" people when you have a war going on within yourself. Terrorism is only self-warring on a larger scale.

There is also no point trying to make humans into something that is totally against their nature. Trying to change humans is like watching a particular channel on television and wanting it to be different.

You're watching a geographical channel but you want to see movies.
You're watching a movie channel but you want to see documentaries.
You're watching a religious channel but you want to see sex.
You're watching a shopping channel but you want to see comedy though, admittedly, some of the products could pass off as comedy. (smile)

I have had some days when I’ve felt pissed off and judgmental, then I feel bad for feeling that way because I think I am way above such pettiness. I then try to change my inner state by thinking up jokes or something to cheer myself up but I still feel pissed off. It is then I realise I am listening to the human channel, which is perfect as it is.

Instead of trying to change humans just accept humanity as it is, a different channel. Accept that humanity is doing the best He can and getting better and better. Then simply switch channels to the real Self that is formless Spirit, the One in all.

As you focus on being the real You, you realise the futility of trying to change humans. You realise that humanity is an aspect of being, a paradigm, but not the real Self. You find that you now experience the world in a different way. You then understand that as your real Self you give because it is your nature not because Self feels any pleasure or joy in giving. Those who live predominantly in the human paradigm might think you've lost the plot as your ideas are so way out, but you are what you are - you are Awareness.

You can't be human and Spirit at the same time. You can't expect a channel to show two programmes at once. If you want to experience humanity then be a human; if you choose to be your real Self then be yourSelf. The spiritual path is about making a choice to be.

Stop trying to change humans; stop expecting a cat to behave like a dog.

Switching channels.

In Oneness,