Friday, 24 July 2009

Being Passive

In this week's issue of Sport Magazine, there's an interview with Britain's motorcycle racer, James Toseland. Toseland talks about how he leaves all his aggression on the track. He says as soon as he takes his helmet off he's as "passive as anything."

It got me thinking about aggression. Is aggression part of the human experience which needs to be unleashed otherwise we end up either internalising it and making ourselves ill or take it out on our loved ones?

At least James Toseland expresses his aggression on a racing track.

For me, writing is an excellent outlet for me to express my various moods. The computer screen doesn't judge what I say or how I'm feeling, I can just let rip.

Another way I express what I'm feeling is I like to give myself space to simply observe the emotions with detachment. I can then choose which emotion I want to take personally and express; or which to just let slip by.

After I have expressed or released the emotion(s), I'm back to being passive.


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